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by MistPhizzle at 3:08 PM
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These changes will take effect after the 3:15 PM Routine Reboot on September 28th, 2014.

Hello all, we're starting another massive round of updates that will take place over the next couple of weeks. I'll get you guys started with some changes to our Bending plugin (ProjectKorra).

  • General Changes
    • Bug Fix: Presets now properly load / unload.
    • There is now a sound when you enter the Avatar State.
  • Airbending Change
    • Most Airbending abilities now have a sound that comes with them.
  • Waterbending Changes
    • IceBlast will no longer use temporary ice created by other abilities. (Such as Surge). This bug allowed for easy OHKOs.
    • Most Waterbending abilities now have a sound that comes with them.
    • Waterbenders can calm roaring waters passively by just swimming through them.
  • Earthbending Changes
    • Extraction now has a sound when it is used. This will likely be applied to...
by MistPhizzle at 8:43 PM
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Hello everyone, I haven't talked to you guys here in a while. I'm going to use this thread to tell you about what has been going on and why we have been a bit hesitant to provide you guys with too many updates as of late.

There has been several small / misc. updates that really don't need a thread to explain, as many of them are minor bug fixes, however, I am going to begin getting in the habit of posting some of the smaller and larger updates, because I have gotten in the habit of doing neither.

So there is one big change this weekend, InfoBooks
In case you don't remember, forever ago, we had new players spawn with a set of books to help them get started in the world of EtriaCraft. A while back in a staff meeting we decided it was a good idea to bring these back, as the server can be a bit daunting to newcomers who may not know exactly what to do to get started. BubbaTree has written two books for new players to use, Rules and Bending.

New players will spawn with these...
by MistPhizzle at 12:41 AM
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Hello everyone, just thought I'd give you guys a few updates as to what has been going on and what has changed lately.

If you remember, a few posts back, I talked about how we were going to implement some massive changes in preparation for 1.8.0, these changes included the new arena, etc. Well, here goes another round. I spent a large chunk of today getting some stuff together, and with the help of our wonderful staff we took a huge step forward.

We will have a lot we will get done before we update to 1.8.0, which makes sense, as there is likely going to be quite a wait between now and when a Bukkit 1.8.0 build is released, so without further ado, here is what has changed this weekend (s0 far):

New Server Icon
This cool cat on our forum and the ProjectKorra forum, SkitzCrafter, volunteered to make us a new server icon, and he did a pretty good job at it. Our server icon is more original than a badly photoshopped picture of Aang that was done at 3 in the morning in 10...
by BubbaTree at 10:42 AM
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It was pretty clear that a lot of our players were tired of our old arena. Considering we had it for 8 months, that is completely understandable. So @Warrior5858 and @miniman932 created this awesome new arena to keep the positive server changes going as we enter 1.8.
Here are a few screenshots:
The arena entrance will be up on the blimp:

Large portion of the arena: [​IMG]
Lava was sure to be added to this arena, along with more radical elevation changes. Enjoy the arena and expect more great changes to be added soon.
by MistPhizzle at 9:44 AM
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Hello everyone, I haven't made an announcement in a bit, so here you are! Over the last couple of days the staff has talked through dozens of ideas, features, and suggestions for 1.8.0 and we're finally starting to get a full set of plans. Over the next week or so expect to see some changes implemented as we gear toward this massive update. Today's update is huge, so bear with me.

The Rules Have Been Completely Rewritten
This is the bit the staff spent the longest time on. We got rid of some rules that just didn't make sense anymore, or that we didn't need. We changed wording on a lot of other ones. Our rule list was cut in about half. I recommend you read the full list over on the wiki, or by clicking here. I will not list out every change, I encourage you guys to take it upon yourself and re-read them. If you didn't have any trouble following the old rule list, you probably wont have any following this one....