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by BubbaTree at 10:42 AM
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It was pretty clear that a lot of our players were tired of our old arena. Considering we had it for 8 months, that is completely understandable. So @Warrior5858 and @miniman932 created this awesome new arena to keep the positive server changes going as we enter 1.8.
Here are a few screenshots:
The arena entrance will be up on the blimp:

Large portion of the arena: [​IMG]
Lava was sure to be added to this arena, along with more radical elevation changes. Enjoy the arena and expect more great changes to be added soon.
by MistPhizzle at 9:44 AM
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Hello everyone, I haven't made an announcement in a bit, so here you are! Over the last couple of days the staff has talked through dozens of ideas, features, and suggestions for 1.8.0 and we're finally starting to get a full set of plans. Over the next week or so expect to see some changes implemented as we gear toward this massive update. Today's update is huge, so bear with me.

The Rules Have Been Completely Rewritten
This is the bit the staff spent the longest time on. We got rid of some rules that just didn't make sense anymore, or that we didn't need. We changed wording on a lot of other ones. Our rule list was cut in about half. I recommend you read the full list over on the wiki, or by clicking here. I will not list out every change, I encourage you guys to take it upon yourself and re-read them. If you didn't have any trouble following the old rule list, you probably wont have any following this one....
by MistPhizzle at 10:36 PM
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Hello everyone! It has been a bit since I've chatted with you guys through this medium. AP English is getting the best of me right now, so I'll try to keep this post in layman's terms for now.

What's Going On?
Personally: School has started for me and I've been working my butt off on school and other (non-Minecraft related personal matters) projects. This has resulted in a large amount of time that I could spend on the server throughout the Summer being slashed, and it definitely shows. (My online time for this week is less than half of what it was the week before, which was half of what it was the week before that).

Server: The server is in this bit of a stagnant state we seem to see before a major Minecraft version release. Our staff turnover rate has been pretty high as people are growing bored with Minecraft, and there has been a lack of a really big advertising push on our part. I am beginning to plan out some stuff for 1.8 that *should* bring some life...
by MistPhizzle at 9:37 PM
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So Invisibility and Swords are becoming all of the rage nowadays with PvP. This is not acceptable, it is a Bending server, use the elements as your primary fighting style. Now, I can't enforce this completely, realistically speaking, although I've tweaked a couple of things to help:

  • Being hit by a Bending Ability, or any sort of player attack, will take you out of invisibility.
  • You can no longer bend with weapons. (IE: Fire / Water/ Earth / Airbending will not work if you have a sword in your hand.)
by MistPhizzle at 6:07 PM
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Hello everyone! Just here to announce a premium change or two.

SALE: Based on how this goes, I may begin doing a monthly deal or such on our contribution store. We need contributions to stay afloat, once we run out of money in the 'war chest', we're done. The goal each month is $200, but realistically speaking we need a bit around $100 to stay afloat each month. We do have a bit reserved from months where we have performed extremely well, but that will eventually fade.

Anyway, if you use the coupon code 'August2014' (without quotes), you will receive 25% off any purchases $10 or greater in value (before you apply the coupon code). So, you could get 4000 DP for just a bit over $20.

Premium Changes
PlayerTime and PlayerWeather are no longer gained through crowdfunding, seeing as these are completely client side, they can be purchased via /warp Premium for 75 DP.