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    Bending: tla.etriacraft.com or bending.etriacraft.com (UP)


by MistPhizzle at 5:00 PM
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Finally, this project I have hinted at for over a month is available to the EtriaCraft Server. EtriaCraft has completely ditched the old Bending plugin in favor of a new one, developed by myself.

What is ProjectKorra?
ProjectKorra is a complete rewrite of the Bending plugin. The hope is that eventually ProjectKorra will cover more aspects than just the Bukkit platform, however, for now, it is just a rewrite of the existing plugin. This project is expected to last for a very long time.

Rumors have been swirling for a while now that the existing Bending plugin will be made completely private, with orion releasing no further updates. We haven't had any updates for about a year. With myself being the lead developer of this new plugin, I am more inclined to update it for the good of the server, quickly.

For a while now, a stance has been taken on the original Bending plugin that it was practically complete, and no more new features would be added. I put a lot into the...
by MistPhizzle at 10:22 PM
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Note: This change will be implemented on 7/16/2014 at the 11:15 EST reboot.

Preface: In the main Bending world, the elements are pretty much never used (this is with the exception of Utility abilities such as AirSpout, FireJet, etc). The focus tends to go away from being a PvP Server too often, as people tend to opt for the god armor and weapons, making themselves impossible to kill. This set of plans hopefully nerfs this god armor and weapon game enough and brings the focus back to being a skillful bender to PvP successfully.

God Armor and Weapons make PvP darn near impossible for new players, hopefully, this will create new Bending clans and make it easy for anyone with slight competence to defend themselves. All of the elements are capable of dealing some damage and defending themselves.

For example: FireBurst (Fire is the most offensive element) is the strongest and most offensive ability a Firebender has. This would not deal any damage to someone in Protection IV armor,...
by MistPhizzle at 12:18 PM
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Today, July 6th, marks the two year anniversary of the launch of the EtriaCraft Bending Server. It's interesting to note how much of the community has and has not changed since the launch of the server two years ago. We have players that still play today that have been there since the very first days and weeks all the way to players who just joined yesterday. Regardless, the amount of time and devotion people put into the server means a ton, and really makes it worth running each day.

Now, I did some digging and found some of the original posts for the original Bending server, feel free to take a look and make fun of me for them: (I was 15 when I did these :()

The thread announcing plans for a new server: http://etriacraft.com/threads/tla-server.71/#post-290
The thread announcing the launch: http://etriacraft.com/threads/tla-server-launch.77/

To celebrate, use the command /kit birthday in game to receive some goodies. Make sure you have some open space in your...
by MistPhizzle at 9:22 AM
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Hello everyone, it has been a few days since I've updated you guys here, so let's have at it:

Note: I am a bit busier as of late, especially during the week. I'm working full time for a local political campaign (a huge one at that), that consumes most of my time during the week. Expect large changes to come on weekends.

  • Forum / Website Changes
    • I have created a new section on the forum called 'Premiums'. This is where any thread that requires user participation on the forum (IE Changing your Nickname) will go.
  • General Changes:
    • Just as a fun little change, I have made chainmail armor craftable in-game. It is stupid expensive and probably not worth crafting, but a lot of people like chain armor anyway / may want to drain resources. The crafting recipe is the same as the other types of armor, just using iron fence instead of any type of mineral.
  • Premium Changes: (Tons of new Premiums, purely aesthetic and fun)
    • Hat is...
by MistPhizzle at 12:02 AM
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Hello all, so Mojang is changing up their EULA, this has been the topic of several discussions and threads in the past, so I wont get into what it means really, I'll just get into the result in this post. To sum it up, however, all premiums must be purely cosmetic only, unless it applies to all players (even those who have not contributed). We are essentially rebuilding our Premium system from the ground up, we have had several discussions and debates about everything in the list of new premiums and how we'll compensate users.

To begin, a few necessary changes:
  • AdditionalHome will be made available to every player, for free.
    • All players will be able to set a second home.
    • We cannot reasonably unset the homes of hundreds of players with an additional home set (at least without a conspiracy), therefore, all players will be granted access to an additional home.
    • Any player who...