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by MistPhizzle at 9:16 PM
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As of today we have added the economy back. Here is the info you need to know for now.
  • This uses a new plugin that I developed, EtriaEconomy.
  • The currency name is Yuans.
  • You can exchange your minerals. Diamonds are 100 Yuans, Gold is 37.
    • You can make the exchanges in the little spawn area in the Lobby.
    • The reason we chose 37 Yuans for Gold is sort of complicated. I used WorldEdit to check how many diamonds / gold there was over 12 random unexplored chunks. Gold was obviously much more abundant than Diamond, so using proportions I was able to come to the figure 37.
  • To prevent the top players from going inactive, after 7 days of inactivity 10% of your economy balance will be thrown into the 'EtriaCraft' account.
    • Every 7 days after that without signing on another 10% will be taken off the top.
  • ChestShops are back, you can set them up for a small fee. (50 Yuans to create, you get 25 back when you destroy them -- so be careful!)...
by MistPhizzle at 2:51 PM
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Plugin Changes:
  • Updated EtriaCommands [Custom Build]
  • Updated Bending [Custom Build]
  • WorldGuard -> v5.9
  • ProtocolLib -> v3.2.0
  • MyWarp -> v2.6.5
  • CraftBook -> v3.8.8
  • GriefPrevention -> Build 292
  • Added CensorIt
The Censor
  • The topic was debated within the staff and was eventually approved with an 8-1 vote.
  • Essentially, swearing and whatever has always been allowed in EtriaCraft so long as it wasn't done excessively. We found that it had become more of a problem, as such vulgarities are often directed toward other players. This is the fix. Most profane words will now be censored completely for the sake of the community. We have always advertised our server as being open for anyone to play, regardless of how young or how old. I know there are players as young as 9-10 on the server, there may be even younger I do not know about, regardless, these kids should not be exposed to such language without their full consent and...
by MistPhizzle at 11:30 PM
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Significant Changes:
  • The process in which you nominate yourself for Avatar has completely changed.
    • Instead of the paper/hopper method, you now just right click a sign in the avatar hall.
      • We don't have to worry about the hopper chest being spammed / unorganized / filled up.
      • This will automatically nominate you. Our first Avatar picked using this method will be chosen this weekend.
      • ChiBlockers cannot nominate themselves.
      • Past Avatars cannot nominate themselves.
      • This stops players from nominating others that do not want to be nominated.
      • When you change your element, it removes your nomination, you MUST renominate yourself.
      • All nominations prior to April 10th were removed, so right click the sign to make sure you're still nominated.
      • Moderators still vote for Avatar, there is a bit of desire to move away from this system. Once plans are finalized we'll let you guys konw.
    • PhysicalBounties has been re-added. A...
by Zarichii at 9:51 PM
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As you can hopefully infer by the title, I'm resigning from my administrative position this evening. I appreciate the amazing time that I've had on EtriaCraft, Immortal Minecraft, and CityCraft, but it's time that I take a leave. Simply put, I have lost my interest in Minecraft, and can't push myself to play for extended periods of time anymore. I'm glad I've had the privilege of meeting everyone on the server, both past and present. I will not be replaced as an admin, and it will be solely Mist in ownership of the server. He's a great friend and incredibly suited to manage a server. He has done great things for EtriaCraft, and I'm certain he will continue to do so.

I may very well still be around the server, as I do enjoy to keep up with the development and community here. If however, you would like to keep in touch with me, you can find me on a few locations, where I'm almost always available to chat, play games, or any other nonsense you may bring to me.
Skype: Samuru.Manning...
by MistPhizzle at 6:23 AM
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Forum Changes:
  • You can now upload cover photos to your profiles.
  • The suggestions area of the forum has been redone -- new templates. Should be easier to use and more intuitive.
  • New forum theme. I wanted one that was cleaner than our last one. Thoughts are appreciated.
Bending Changes:
  • New Earthbending Ability: EarthSpike
    • Works similarly to IceSpike's clicking function, but not as powerful due to Earth being everywhere.
    • To use, simply click toward a mob standing over some earth, or some earthbendable material, and a small pillar of Earth will come up below them.
    • Will deal a small bit of damage.
    • Mob will take any applicable fall damage as well.
    • As always, when I add a new ability expect binds to mess up a bit -- no worries, just rebind your stuff.